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Training on holiday

First up i would like to say a big thank you to Daniel Owen who did some filming with me last week, i thought we had about 15 usable videos for the YouTube channel (  but it turned out to be 27! (...and that was in one hour of filming) Great effort mate.

Dan nailing a Brazilian... push up.

The time has almost arrived for me to return home. Im really excited about going home to see my friends, family, my niece Frida (who i have only seen a few times) and also travelling to different parts of Wales and UK, also Spain and France in between. I have decided not to step into a gym for the whole time but have made a promise to myself to train 15-20 minutes each morning/day for atleast 5 days of a week. This blog will show what sessions i will be doing and how to stay (relatively) in shape whilst on holiday.

Note: Every time i greet my mum when going home she looks at me and says the usual "Oh look at how much weight you've lost!" and then proceeds to bulk me up with enough calories to energize my next spell away. I will be spending most of my time at my mums house, where the servings for each meal are a legendary 3 courses. It is going to be a struggle to stay lean... but the most pleasant struggle possible.

Weekend breakfasts at Camp Williams are legendary

Training on holiday

Although im injured again, I feel that i am in pretty decent shape right now. I feel fit, strong and as joint healthy as ever so i don't want to go backwards with my current fitness whilst home and in 'holiday' mode. Therefore, i have created a basic daily training plan to off-set some 'indulgence' and keep on track with my fitness without being a sad-ass that trains while they are meant to be relaxing.

'Holiday' mode for me usually includes champagne, women and a white dinner suit!

The rules of holiday training

1. Set your goals

First thing to remember is that you are on holiday and the aim of your training sessions should be to stay in touch with your current fitness levels or not go backward whilst away form your usual routine. 

2. Time

The key to a good holiday training programme that can be maintained is to create 'short, daily and intense' sessions where there is a definite start and end time. My personal choice would be 20 minutes earlier in the day/shortly after waking up.

The GymBoss Interval timer could be the best purchase you make this year?

Note: When I catch the b*stard who stole my first GymBoss timer from the Gulf Hotel gym in Manama, I plan to be aggressive. Look out thieves.

3. Density training

Ok, i have my set training time and now i need to fit whatever i can in that time-frame. This is called 'density training' and it is extremely effective. The rest times will be either short or non-existent and the goal of each session will be constant movement throughout the 20 minutes.

3. Exercise choice

If you're ahead of the fitness game you will have bought a TRX, but for this article (as with my own holiday) i will not include it into the sessions. I will be using my Valslides but again i will not include this into the article as many of you don't know what the hell they are anyway!

Mysterious plastic gym aid... The Valslide

So what are we left with? Only the most versatile, sophisticated, expensive, greatest single piece of equipment known to man... (drumroll) You. Man. Woman. Yourself.

4. Equipment used

We need to travel light so i will only pack 1 x Skipping rope, 1 x Gymboss interval timer, 1 x Gym shoes.

5. Agreeing with your partner/travel companion

Ok, so im lucky and don't have a nag... (sorry!) girlfriend to 'compromise' with so i can do what i like. But for those of you unlucky... (sorry!) lucky souls who are in love then pre-agree with your significant other about your training plans or it could cause some tension. Try to involve each other or you could even throw in a line like:

"Wow, that girl by the pool has a smoking body, I bet SHE trains with her fitness-crazed boyfriend, Why don't you look like that?"

(Seriously, dont use that line. I can't guarantee your safety)

What was my point? Oh yeah, agree what you plan to do or it will cause an argument.

"One more set on my guns and then i will come shoe shopping with you, BEEE-ATCH!

Im really tempted at this point to include a real life example about the above subject with an ex girlfriend of mine regarding my gym use. I will sensibly leave it out. Isn't strange though how people are not happy if you are training and they are not? Especially couples. Comments welcome below.


Whilst on holiday, it is assumed that you are more likely to 'explore', by that i mean you should want to walk around a bit more than usual to see the new places you visit. If you spend a holiday mostly lying down and eating then it is inevitable that you will pile the weight on. NEPA (Non-Exercise Physical Activity) = any moving around/activity outside of the gym, will be higher on holiday and just adding a few hours a day of walking/hiking/exploring etc. will help in keep you in shape.

Doing physical activities that are fun can keep the holiday 'love chub' at bay

7. Remembering you are on a break

Make a schedule and try to keep to it, but don't get too upset if you miss a day here and there. If you have a headache/hangover when you wake up - take a day off, eat some good food, drink plenty of water and come back stronger the next day. This is ultimately your time away from your usual gym program and active lifestyle, so relax and do what you need to do to keep in touch with you fitness. Don't get too carzy.

My holiday training program

Purpose: To maintain as much fitness, current bodyfat level, general conditioning as possible whilst enjoying foods and drink i don't usually consume in my normal life.

Aim: I aim to complete 5 x 20 minute sessions/week using only my own bodyweight, as early as possible in the day.

NEPA: I aim to be as active as possible through walking and other fun physical activities throughout my entire vacation time.

Note: I have recently injured my shoulder so will be staying away from all push up variations and focus more on core, glute and lower body drills. Throw some push ups into your own plan for a more balanced session.

The training sessions

Session A

- 300-500 skips

- 2 minute Mobility warm up
 (Dislocations w/reverse lunge, Windmills, Toy soldiers, Walking spiderman)

- Density circuit (covering upper, lower, core and conditioning BW exercises)

1. Travelling hands                               5 reps (up and back)
2. 1 leg glute raise                                5 reps each leg
3. Garhammer ab raise                        10 reps
4. Bowler squats                                   5 reps each leg
5. Burpees                                            10 reps                   

Alternatively, you can time each exercise using a Gymboss interval timer, 20 second intervals per exercise should be perfect.

Repeat for 8-10 minutes

5 x 50m sprints @ 80% effort with 20 seconds rest between each

Session B

- 300-500 skips

- 2 minute Mobility Warm up
 (Dislocations w/reverse lunge, Windmills, Toy soldiers, Walking spiderman)

- Density circuit (covering upper, lower, core and conditioning BW exercises)

1. Bear crawls                                            Approx 20 seconds
2. Side jumps with toe touch                      5 reps each leg
3. Straight arm plank with knee drives     5 reps each knee
4. Crab crawl                                              Approx 20 seconds
5. Jumping Jacks                                       25 reps

Repeat for 8-10 minutes

Body Matrix (24 Squats, 24 Lunges, 24 Jump lunges, 24 Jump squats)

Session C

- 300-500 skips

- 2 minute Mobility Warm up
 (Dislocations w/reverse lunge, Windmills, Toy soldiers, Walking spiderman)

- Density circuit (covering upper, lower, core and conditioning BW exercises)

1. Side to side hand walks                     Approx 20 seconds
2. Airborne Squat                                   5 reps each leg
3. Cycle crunch                                      5 reps each knee
4. Mountain climbers                            10 reps each leg
5. Modifed BJJ get ups                         5 reps each side

Repeat for 8-10 minutes

2 minute finisher - Stair/Uphilling running (hotel stairs or outside if available)


Job done. I typed up my sessions on an A4 page and laminated it to create an easy-to-follow session card that I can take in my bag along with my other training stuff.

My holiday training equipment

Not sure what some of the exercises are?

Well, you need to visit my YouTube channel to find out!  If its still not on there... improvise and wait 1 whole month until im back posting blogs/videos. I don't plan on writing while i'm away but i may do if i see something interesting or im not out getting my NEPA levels up! Expect me back around September time, anything between will be a bonus. As always share with facebook friends and comment below if you feel the need.

Stay strong and Healthy, Have a great summer.

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  1. Gavin here, at CAMP WILLIAMS. The best time of the year if you want to stay trim, all the staff have gone on holiday!


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