Saturday, 24 July 2010

"I hate fat kids....

Im glad i roped you in with a controversial blog title, the full title being:

"I hate fat kids' parents" and that will be the main topic of the blog today.

I apologise in advance for this blog as it is going to be somewhat of a rant. I will try to put in some good take-away knowledge but i will mostly be getting things off my chest. Mainly to do with kids, technology, foods, activities, spoilt kids, fat/lazy parents, etc.

Before starting, I read this article called "Evolution Revolution" By Martin Rooney (fitness god) and i thought it was fantastic. It really puts into perspective where the Human race is going (its not a good place). Read the article today instead of watching the same abysmal shows that are on TV right now and learn something about the human body.

Martin Rooney even has time for his 'creepiest, over-excited' looking fans

Today i was waiting in line at a petrol station and in front of me was a young man around 20 years old with a shopping basket. ALARM BELL: Food shopping at a petrol station. Now, i must admit i am a bit of a 'shopping basket pervert'* and i couldn't help but notice the train wreck of this guys life. He had:

- Washing powder (ok)
- 3 x small tubs of chocolate nesquick powder... Why?
- 1 large box of Corn Flakes
- 1 large carton of Full-fat milk
- 1 small white loaf of bread
- 1 Nutella chocolate spread

WOW! where's the party at? I bet he is brimming with energy, confidence and a real ladies man! His shopping basket tells me that he is slowly dying from the inside... and just to round things off he asked for a carton (thats 200 not 20) cigarettes! What an extra nutritional treat? It made me wonder, In 20 years time will this type of person be the same kind i see walk into gyms everyday (aged 40 with 20 years of bad habits) and expect instant results after destroying themselves for a decade or so?

*Shopping Basket Pervert (known as SBP in the industry) - someone who casually peeks into other people's shopping baskets to see what they buy and then ridicule them under the breath whilst re-joicing that they are in fact a healthier human being than the owner of the basket.

Anyhow... I was annoyed by this guys lack of knowledge/respect for himself and this inspired me to write the blog today.

I hate fat kids' parents

Well, its true. If you kids are overweight and regularly eat crap foods and they dont move around much, then there is a strong chance i hate you. No, wait... there is every chance i hate you. I think there should be laws against over- feeding children as it can easily be labelled under child cruelty.

"Kids dont buy junk... parents do!"

Parents buy the food

"He won't eat this, She can't have that". Bullsh*t. Parents are in charge of what their kids eat, its about education from a young age. If the parents don't know or don't give a hoot about what they feed themselves then the kids are going to get/act the same. Every day i spend as a SBP in the supermarkets i see trolleys of families that are 'disguistingly' filled with junk food. Crisps, bread, chocolates, fizzy drinks, biscuits, cakes, etc. and they wonder why the same children won't eat vegetables?

A: Because they are already drug addicts!

Addicted to the sugar and crap foods that they are allowed to consume day after day at home, schools and at the malls. Don't get me started on the malls in Bahrain, thats a whole different blog by itself. As soon as these parents realise that supermarket food is placed strategically to entice people to the products they will learn to stick to the outer walls of the store and buy mostly fresh goods. Try this out:

1) Don't eat for the whole morning or until your pretty hungry.

2) Now, go around the supermarket and see how your body reacts when you pass chocolate bars, crisps and sweets.

3) Also, notice where each food and coloured wrappers are placed. The bad foods are all brightly coloured and at eye level so not to be missed and there is a good chance you will salivate at the very sight of anything sugary.

Even just walk around hungry, you will be amazed just how much 'subliminal' advertising of food is around that you don't notice. The malls are full of them! The trick is you see the advertising and then you realise that you are hungry.

This picture just makes me sad :(

Bottom line is kids are targeted by fast food manufacturers with bright colours and toys and the parents fall in the trap. Its all about educating your children to see fast foods as a treat or a one-off event.

True story: My old house was probably the nearest location to a new McDonalds restaraunt when it first came to my home town. My mother used to cook homemade food every night and we probably had a Mcdonalds every 2 months as a family weekend treat when my mother worked late and didn't feel like cooking. I only eat Mcdonalds now when im very drunk or hungover but prefer other options.

Im not saying im perfect... rather that my mother was not lazy and used to cook good food every night for 3 hungry dudes regardless of what time she finished work, well done mam!

Beverly Williams, Kitchen warrior!

"The I-phone killed the child sporting star"

Like the 80s song "video killed the radio star" only much worse. New technology and gadgets like the I-pad are making kids fat, its a fact.

New from Apple... The I-Dont-Need-To-Move-Around-Much-Anymore

I dont want to repeat the old line 'Back in my day... blah blah blah' but even in my day (20 or so years ago) we were kicking a ball around, climbing things, trying to kiss girls (still trying now)... interacting with other kids, fighting, falling over, getting back up, learning how to be street-wise. I often now find people go through an assessment and they have had no minor/major injuries, WOW, what happened? I got hit by a car* and fell out of tree by the time i was 9.

*To clarify the car accident. It was a result of a mis-placed pass of the football by my brother on to a main road,which i chased enthusiastically and got completely mowed over in front of my house, great days.

Here in Bahrain, trees are for shade and cars are the only way you get can get from A to B. Sad but true.

Shocking true story: Just last week I was leaving work and was stopped by a colleague as i was going down the stairs to our car park. I noticed a family at the foot of the stairs. After i had finished my conversation 2 minutes later i continued down the stairs to find 2 x 30+ ladies and their 2 x 10 year old children still there. They asked "excuse me, do you know where the lift is?". I was amazed that they had waited there and not actually walked up the stairs (which takes about 10 seconds max), i answered by saying "im not really sure but there are stairs right behind me", they walked off with a look of dissapointment. The world we live in! pretty sad, eh?

Here in the Middle East, exercise/activity for kids involves 'shopping' in the malls, which basically means the cinema and some crappy fast food with the BD20 (about 30 quid) pocket change they are thrown every visit. Or they can get their entertainment fix on their I-phones. Arrrgggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

"What did you think of that last Barney DVD? I thought it was crap"

Im not going to ramble on about this, kids are growing up too fast... and once again i look at the parents. Stop buying I-phones for your 6 year old - they dont need one! Instead, get them a year's membership at an activity club/martial arts school where they will learn to be disciplined, confident, strong and, wait for it... actually interact with other kids. Thats what it's all about. Not pasty-skinned teenagers sending pictures of bodyparts to themselves and using weird I-language like 'lol' 'OMG' 'lmao' i dont even know what the last one means but its horrible. Kids are so lazy now they cant be arsed to spell properly... OMG!

In a sentence... I believe technology is killing the child sport star.

Ok, im good now.

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  1. Hi Nath, Great piece!! I am TOTALLY with you on this, I cannot bare those parents who are too lazy to discipline their own children to eat and want the right foods, it kills me to see poor "fat kids" that are being nutritionly abused!! and to think I accidently clicked on to your page..well worth a read!!... Leanne (Sutton)

  2. Thanks Leanne,

    I have about 10 articles in the archive so have a look through, they are slightly entertaining at worst and have some good info. spread the word to friends through Facebook share button if you like them, thats seems the quickest way :)

  3. wasn't sure if i was reading Nate williams or Nate green. entertaining as usual!

  4. oh my god, i couldn't agree with you more about this. i hate kids these days, they're so weird.

    We used to have bicycles, play foot ball and go swimming and take any opportunity to be in the garden (even though all we had was palm tree's and mudd to play in)...even boys these days dont even walk barefoot on the beach...

    When we were small, we used to get 1 m&m (i mean 1 round piece not 1 pack) every few days as a treat (like puppies) and we had to pick a colour! and we'd keep it in our mouths for as long as we can because we didn't know when my mom would give us 1 more piece!! ... Mcdonalds was only for road trips or holidays, we went so rarely that I actually remember the times we went... I think that was good for us because although me and my siblings all appreciate the joys of junk food, we've never had any weight issues and we're all disciplined in the way we eat... where as allot of my friends (who are in their 30's now) are still struggling with their weight issues and don't even know where to start...and don't get me started on computers and ipods and that junk....

    Bahrain was also very different when we were kids. Junk food was hard to come by, we didn't have mcdonalds, and processed foods were more expensive then making things from scratch out of fresh ones, so you would have found the diets more healthy 20 years ago...but now, supermarkets here almost look like supermarkets in the US (99% processed foods).

    the problem is you don't need a license to have any irresponsible idiot can have them.... so we will end up with a new generation of fat delinquents.

  5. Thanks Zain! its difficult to ignore the problems that Bahrain will face with obesity, the island is totally hooked on american eating!

    also, thanks for possibly the longest ever comment on a blog, awesome :)


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