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(My) 10 greatest movie moments

Hi everyone,

Im going off-topic this time and sharing with you my 10 greatest cinema moments. These will not be everyone's greatest but hopefully some of you will remember and reminisce some classic/funny moments that either make you roll with laughter, cry with sadness or make the hair stand on the back of your neck!

So here goes... as they are in different categories (sad, funny, inspiring, etc.) they are in no particular order.

1) Ron Burgundy and Brian Fantana's Conversation about cologne in "Anchorman".

As i have mentioned in previous blogs, Anchorman is one of my all time favourite funny movies but i realise now that it is not for everyone. However, the conversation between Burgundy and Fantana over which scent he will wear to win over the new office love interest (Veronica Corningstone) is pure genius. Im laughing just remembering the lines.

BF: Time to musk up.

RB: Wow. It never ceases to amaze me.What cologne you gonna go with? London Gentleman, or...wait. No, no, no. Hold on. Blackbeard's Delight.

BF: No, she gets a special cologne. It's called Sex Panther by Odeon. It's illegal in nine countries. Yep, it's made with bits of real panther. So you know it's good.

RB: It's quite pungent.

BF: Oh yeah.

RB: It's a formidable scent. It stings the nostrils. In a good way.

BF: Yep.

RB: Brian, I'll be honest with you, that smells like pure gasoline.

BF: They've done studies, you know. 60% of the time it works everytime.

Brian Fantana, the stylish one of the group.

Over the past 10 years I've looked everywhere for "Sex Panther" but with no success. Im pretty sure the idea for my tattoo (on my stomach) of a panther came from this?

2. Arnold Schwarzenneger (Dutch) and Carl Weathers (Dillon) opening handshake in "Predator".

"Dillon... You son of a bitch!"

What an opening line! What a film! What a moment. As a kid growing up my 2 favourite bad-asses on the movie screens were Arnie and Carl Weathers (who played Apollo Creed in the Rocky films). Here they are colliding in the very first scene of one of the best sci-fi films ever made (quote me on that!) locking horns in a friendly manner. Obviously, Arnie wins the arm wrestle and creates an all time testosterone-filled movie moment that will stay with me for life.

3. The childcatcher scene in "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang".

After deciding to create a character so frightening to children, they may as well have called this film "Sh*tty, Sh*tty sh*t my pants! I have had several nightmares involving the Child Catcher and i think i remember crying my eyes out and running from the tv when it was on (and that was last christmas!). Well done to whoever made this film because you have scarred me for life.

"Ice creams, Lollipops... and there all free today" urgh.

4. "Never-ending story" horse in the swamp scene.

Just to stay on the topic of childhood trauma, this magical film serves up one of the all time worst animal death scenes.

Artax the horse takes a rest in the swamp of despair.

The story tells that the horse is overcome by sadness and simply loses the will to carry on... God, no wonder i was always depressed after watching this!

Warning!!! im about to ruin your day.

Whats even worse is, when researching the above i found out that during filming the platform in which the horse was on failed and Artax did actually die during filming! So instead of me thinking i was watching a horse die, i now find out that i was actually watching a horse die! Ok, now im depressed.

5. Bryn Cartright scolds Fatty Lewis after falling off the roof in "Twin Town".

I Feel after the last bombshell i must try to bring it around with some comedy. For those of you who have seen (and understood) "Twin Town" (a story of 2 swansea car thieves), you will know that the whole film is litterd with one-liners and comedy moments. My favourite, however, is when Fatty Lewis falls of the roof and he is immediately scolded by rugby club owner Bryn Cartright, saying...

"You f*cking twat!"

Hahahahahaha... Brilliant.

6. The name is Bond... James Bond

This immortal line deserves a mention. There have been several good 'bonds', the odd crap one and the odd welsh one but my favourite has got to be Sir Roger Moore. Roger spent more time chasing the ladies than the bad guys and brought a new sense of style/fashion to the bond character. Although his bed-hopping did suggest that his version of safe sex was carrying walther PPK (gun for the ladies/non-bond enthusiaists) rather than wearing a condom, he is no doubt a legend.

Roger Moore, smoother than a velvet owl.

7. Patrick Bateman's opening scene in "American Psycho"

I left the cinema numb after watching American Psycho, I enjoyed it that much. I had a new hero in Christian Bale, a welsh actor who had in 90 minutes inspired my to get in better shape. His character, Patrick Bateman is instantly likeable and a visual role model of where every guy would want to be at some point in their lives. Again, there are so many one-liners and moments in this film but the opening scene where he goes through his daily routine sets the tone for a great film.

PB entertaining 2 prostitutes with Phil Collins' susudio as a soundtrack, memorable.

8. Rocky 3 training montage

When i started looking at the script of Rocky 3 things to write it was clear to me that this is probably my favourite film of all time. So many one-liners:

"There is no tomorrow"

"See that look? Thats the eye of the tiger, baby"

"I don't sweat you"

"You ever fought a tyrranasaurus, kid? They can cause a variety of damage!"

They really started to use music, mainly the title track "Eye of the tiger" in this film and when Rocky returns to train with Apollo Creed for his re-match with Clubber Lang (Mr. T) the music starts, training begins and from then on its 3 minutes of cinema gold.

I often reenact this scene with clients after tough sessions, even though its pretty gay

*I need to mention here that the Russian winter training scene in Rocky 4 is also excellent, but R3 gets the nod.

9. Any given Sunday, Al Pacino's "Inches" speech.

If this speech doesn't make the hairs on your neck stand up... nothing will.

"I don't know what to say really. Three minutes to the biggest battle of our professional lives all comes down to today.

Either we heal as a team or we are going to crumble.

Inch by inch, play by play... till we're finished.

We are in hell right now, gentlemen

Believe me... and we can stay here and get the shit kicked out of us or we can fight our way back into the light. We can climb out of hell.

One inch, at a time.

Now I can't do it for you. I'm too old... I look around and I see these young faces

and I think... I mean, I made every wrong choice a middle age man could make.

I uh....I pissed away all my money, believe it or not.

I chased off anyone who has ever loved me. And lately, I can't even stand the face I see in the mirror.

You know when you get old in life things get taken from you. That's, that's part of life.

But, you only learn that when you start losing stuff. You find out that life is just a game of inches.

So is football.

Because in either game, life or football... the margin for error is so small. I mean one half step too late or to early you don't quite make it. One half second too slow or too fast and you don't quite catch it.

The inches we need are everywhere around us. They are in ever break of the game, every minute, every second.

On this team, we fight for that inch. On this team, we tear ourselves, and cut everyone around us to pieces for that inch.

We CLAW with our finger nails for that inch.

Cause we know when we add up all those inches that's going to make the fucking difference between WINNING and LOSING.

Between LIVING and DYING.

I'll tell you this... in any fight it is the guy who is willing to die who is going to win that inch.

And I know if I am going to have any life anymore it is because I am still willing to fight and die for that inch...

Because that is what LIVING is... The six inches in front of your face.

Now I can't make you do it. You gotta look at the guy next to you. Look into his eyes. Now I think you are going to see a guy who will go that inch with you. You are going to see a guy who will sacrifice himself for this team because he knows when it comes down to it, you're gonna do the same thing for him.

That's a team, gentlemen and either we heal now, as a team, or we will die as individuals.

That's football guys.

That's all it is.

Now, whattaya gonna do?"

10. Walter Sobchak loses it in "The Big Lebowski"

For my final choice i really wanted to put a Jim Carrey moment in, but i like so many of his films equally I decided to put this under-rated, hilarious movie instead. John Goodman plays the part of Walter Sobhack, a pyschotic ex-vietnam veteran who has real anger management issues. My favourite scene is where he loses his temper during a ten-pin bowling match and pulls out his hand gun and threatens to kill his opponent.

"This is not 'Nam... This is bowling, there are rules"

You need to see the movie to appreciate the brilliant part Goodman plays, every line he says is funny and the bowling scene is probably the best of a bunch.

Ok, well i hope you enjoyed my 10 great moments of film? Do you have any great moments i have missed?

As always post comments below and start an argument, what the hell!

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