Friday, 25 May 2012

Warrior Cardio: Week 4

Having just completed the first month of WC program, im feeling ok. I still ache a little from time to time (although i feel a little better every saturday weigh in day). I did everything ok this. My workouts were ok, my diet was ok, my energy was ok - but check out my results:

Weight: 75.6 (-0.8) -5.0kg overall
Muscle: 39.8 (+0.5) -0.8 overall
Fat: 7.0 (-1.4) -3.5 overall
Bodyfat % - 9.2 (-1.8) -3.5 overall

So my average week in my head was my best week on paper? hmmmm. This is often the case with people on a fitness program, even a trainer like myself - we want instant results, instant feeling, instant gratification - but in reality consistency will get the best result. I assume now that my body is in some sort of 'snowball effect' where the fat loss is concerned and i just need to stick with the basics of of the program to keep acheiving favourable results.

A few things aside the training helped this week. A slightly less busy workload allowed me to rest more during the afternoons and i stretched a little in the evenings. Also purchasing ear plugs has improved my sleep - which is massive in terms of proper recovery. I also proved that i can survive on just 1 double espresso in the mornings! my coffee drinking was getting a little excessive so thats got to help my overall health a little, also focused more on water intake. All the above are positive steps towards better health and i feel they helped.

Targets this week:

- Better training intensity
- Continue sleeping pattern
- Stretch at every opportunity
- No bread or fruit

I hardly eat bread and fruit but recently its been creeping back in. I buy evening bread (german, high protein) which is gret but i just want some rules for 7 days to continue the fat loss.

No Targets for the stats, the above list should take care of that. My next goal is to be 74kg (lose another 1.6kg of bodyfat), feeling strong, fit and healthy at the end of week 6 (Saturday 9th June).

The training

Day 1 - hurricane cat 2 sprints with bodyweight exercises. I like these a lot, you can create any number of combinations and they are great finishers for clients. Im using the woodway curve because its far better than a standard treadmill, in my opinion.

core training was an elevated side plank series, which was a great addition and added lots of new exercises that are effective.

Day 2 - 10 exercise barbell complex = urgh! Yes 6 reps each for 10 exercises without putting the bar down, i used 25 kg (which isnt a lot, but it was enough for me to start). i love the idea of complexes but doing them is horrible.

core training was due to be partner drills, but as i train alone (dont be sad for me, i choose that option 99% of the time) i looked at the required drills and created the following:

- Kettlebell double crunch
- Kettlebell russian twists
- dragon flag
- windscreen wipers
- wall ball throws

its wasnt perfect but it felt good enough.

Day 3 - Strongman circuit. Loved it. Again i had to improvise:

- Farmers walks
- standing rope pull (rope machine)
- bulgarian bag spins
- heavy bag prowler push
- Bulgarian bag snatch

Core training was a kettlebell plank sequence and barbell rollouts, which again i enjoyed as it made me perform exercises i dont do often. I think thats the outstanding aspect of this program for me so far, the variety - im excited to find out whats next - and thats a sign of a great program i think. excitement rather than dread!

Breifly looking at next week i saw olympic lifts combined with sprints, deadlifts and a pull up series! Time to step it up a gear :)

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