Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Warrior Cardio: Week 3

Hey all,

another great week completed on the warrior cardio program, here are my results so far:

weight: 76.4 (-4.2)
muscle: 39.3 (-1.3)
fat: 8.4 (1.9)
bf%: 11% (-1.7%)

Pretty decent numbers so far, im really happy. However my diet has been a little loose and can  be tightened up a little so this week i will be adopting a green faces/paleo approach and my 'cheats' will be clean carb sources post training. I will only cover this for a week and it should keep the fat loss results rolling.

Week 3 was a little bit tougher due to the fact i did a bulgarian bag cert the weekend previous which i still felt on the thursday! we definately all dropped bodyfat after 2 amazing yet tough days.

For some strange reason i decided that once i hit 74kg on this training program i would shave my head and grow out my beard. This (strangely) has always helped me focus more on my training! weird maybe, but it works for me - it looks like its gonna happen soon. A shaved head (to me) represents an attitude and focus to get fit and lean - i think this program will ultimately take me close to 70kg but having improved in all areas, so i'm not really bothered what the scale says. As long i look good, feel good and perform well - who cares?

Having come off a brutal weekend Bulgarian bag course at the weekend, I needed the sensible layout of WC. This is where the program comes into its own. It really focuses on improvement and movement first. The side effect is fat loss and I also don't have the raging appetite that comes with the usual heavy resistance work. Day 1 was sprints, hurricane category 2 and it was a noticeable change in gear from cat 1. What I love also is that every single movement seems to target core which I think we are all guilty of half-assing? full body complex on day 2 - love it. Didn't feel as strong as I thought I would but body still feeling the weekend torture... The goal for this week is just getting through the sessions and rest well on the weekend. On day 3 the metabolic conditioning section was a 'fighter circuit' of:

power punches
kneeling punches on bag

i did this 'UFC' style (5minute rounds with 1 minute rest) for 4 rounds, loved the variety - really found that 5x1min exercises is tough without being boring and you can do this with any form of exercise. loved it and will keep this form of finisher for myself and my clients.

Not really looked at week 4 yet but im guessing there will be slight progressions on the core series and sprints. New complexes and circuits to challenge me. This program has inspired to create my own 12 week system, its really is a fantastic way to focus on training and something (structured and progressive training plan) that most gym users don't adopt.

I plan to be another kg of bodyfat down by next update.

3 weeks down, 9 to go!

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