Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Warrior cardio: week 2

Hey all, Week 2 of warrior cardio was similar to week one but with some changes of complexes (lower body) and a cool power circuit to finish the week off.

The issue of repetition of key exercises is something that comes up a lot in my job as a pt. how do you educate those people who want something different all the time? Well chopping and changing frequently means you won't get good at anything. There are 2 warm ups in WC for example that alternate throughout the whole 12 week program, some would consider this as boring or repetitive. But why over complicate things? 2 separate preparation phases that cover everything you need to get ready for the metabolic demands of training - sounds ideal to me.

I'm really seeing the benefits of the hip and core drills after week 2. It's really important to focus on the warm up, I still catch myself rushing through drills to get to he 'fun' stuff - this is something I'm trying to get better. I'm really trying to improve on the technique and speed of these exercises and it makes a huge difference to the whole session. I'm continuing with my 2 rows per week which is going ok so far. Just 14 minutes a week so nothing too taxing.

This week I had to perform a Zercher complex for lower body which was bloody painful but I bossed through it and felt good about that. I'm liking that the plan has exercises I haven't done in a while and my body is really feeling the new movements. The power circuit also had me using the heavy bag and TRX rip trainer (substitute for real sledgehammer) so its always cool to mix things up.

Unfortunately, my polar stopped working this week so I have no data but the workouts felt much the same as week 1, approx 500 calories per hour with a definite feel of improving work rather than brutal work - for me right now this is a massive plus as my last training phase was far too long and too intense. My body is still feeling the aches and pains!

I fully expect this program to right the wrongs of the last one :) I missed my Saturday morning weigh in as I was taking a Bulgarian bag certification over the weekend, will return with a week 3 update, the results should be consistent as my diet has been 90% great and I feel the training is going well. I'm visibly down again and my legs are feeling looser then last week.

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