Friday, 24 June 2011

The mask of fitness

Hello all,

When i arrived in the Middle East (Dubai) in Feb 2007, i went for a stroll which took me literally into the middle of the desert. There i came across a mosque during, at that exact time, prayer time. The prayer noise was amazing, it was so foreign, it made me feel like i was a million miles away from home - i loved it.

My first visit to the Middle East, Dubai.

Last week, i was walking home (in Singapore's red light district) and heard beautiful music coming from a buddhist street temple, the monks were chanting and playing music. Again, it made me realise that im a stranger here in Asia, but the moment was, without sounding cheesy... 'magical'. This moment was somewhat spoiled a minute later when i was propositioned by a lady of the night who was 'working' that street. I regretfully declined (.. i had an early session the next morning!) and made my way home. You gotta love Geylang - so diverse!

But i digress...

If your in or around the fitness industry enough, you may have heard the following saying:

"Fatigue masks Fitness"

Well, just for this blog i'm going to introduce my own spin on this quote that seems to be relevant in my life right now and today's fitness industry:

"Fatigue masks Creativity"

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

In my opinion, in any walk of life, too much of anything can be a bad thing. take PT for example, I have started to do 8 or more sessions a day over a 6 day week, which is great financially - but i often feel 'beaten up' mentally and physically at the end of the day... to the point where other areas of my life will suffer or become non-existent.

What's the answer? Is there a 'sweet spot' for productivity and balance?

A 5 day week is probably the right balance in most jobs. 1 day off to do some errands/house work and the other day to relax and get some recovery for the week ahead.

In terms of PT, i think that the 'sweet spot' of daily sessions is 5 hours... 6 at the most. After 6 i really feel that a PT becomes a fitness moron with a clipboard. Enthusiam wanes a little and the mind starts to wander.

Think about this... If you do 8+ sessions in one day, one or more of the following things will definately happen:

- You will not eat correctly
- You will not train correctly
- You will become mentally tired
- You will not have time/energy to read or learn new things

In my opinion, all the above points are essential traits that a 'good' PT should have. Eating well, training well, being focused and continually learning to better serve your clients.

I cant really comment about standard 'desk' jobs but im guessing that out of 8-9 hours in a typical working day, there is about 60-90 minutes of high quality focus and effectiveness! which begs the question...

What hell do people do during a 9-5pm shift?

"I'll be home late tonight honey, Im so busy at work"

Not sure where im going with this one so thats the end. Id love to hear some comments from people with all sorts of jobs.

Do you feel you could do your job in less time? Does over-working effect the way in which you approach your job? How do you feel on Monday mornings compared to Friday afternoons?

The fact that you are reading my blog means that you have time to do things, hopefully this is part of your day that you use for 'continued education'. But i doubt it!

To all the people who read my blog, please leave a comment either here or on Facebook link, start a debate :)


  1. You should try the latin dance class! ;)

  2. @ Yan, Im thinking i need to save my energy rather than do more? Amyway, im actually becoming a fan of the dance classes simply because they look like they would be good for people's movement rather than bad (as ive mentioned in previous blogs). Cheers for the comment

  3. for me, its not necessarily the amount of sessions a day, its the amount of clients i'm managing at one time. thats why i want to switch to only training 1 or 2 clients, but train them 1-2 x per day, all eggs in one basket approach for me, but clients will ultimately get a much much better service. guess that would put my sweet spot in at around 2-4 sessions a day, 5 in a row for me is time efficient but i end up not eating or even drinking sometimes for 5 hours, theres no chance of a good session after that especially without a good training partner.


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