Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Did Arnold really f*ck things up?

Hey all,

As you know im starting to write shorter, concise (or if you went to University and walk around with a dash more self-importance than most folk - succinct) blogs which means i can communicate smaller messages, more frequently.

Recently, i started re-listening to my seminar list while on the way to work. Which now allows me to learn for about an hour a day - every day! Although this is not part of the todays message - you may want to purchase an audio book on health, nutrition, life coaching, time management, finances or anything that will make your life a little better. Every minute you spend commuting can now be turned into 'learning time'. How do you think i get such awesome ideas for blogs?

Apart from me actually being awesome.

"I dont know how to put this but... im kind of a big deal"

Did arnold really f*ck things up?

Arnold Schwarzenneger is one of my hero's. Fact.

Early Arnold

Just watch the documentary "Pumping Iron", if that doesn't make you want to wear a dodgy low-cut vest, get in the gym and start throwing out some extra heavy/possibly bad-form shoulder raises while screaming "i love the pump" then we cant be friends. Its brilliant. Its hard not to see why the guy did so well in his life/career. The confidence, charm and humour... anyway im here to ask a different question.

150 years ago, we trained like warriors - 'functional' training was simply training. There were no rubber bands, bosu balls, cable machines, etc. All they had was heavy bags, kettlebells, the human body and other assorted heavy shit to pick up and use. Life was good, hard but good.

Then came the 70's, Arnold, Ridiculous vests/hotpants combo's and the aerobic era. Training got diluted to 'working out' and we all became a little weaker. People started inventing new ways to get fit... 

So much wrong with this training scene to comment

There is too much crazy Bshit to mention, the latest one i laughed at was the 'Shaking Dumbell', i dont care what it does, its sounds like a gimmick and you would look like a twat using it.

Maybe it wasn't all bad?

It seems now the fitness industry is returning to more primitive forms of training. We have had enough of the chrome and spandex... its time to get down and dirty again. I personally get excited when i see a gym that looks more a like a dungeon than hairdresser's salon. 

Modern day gym

So my questions are...

Did Arnold really f*ck things up?

Did his era create a style of training that was more SHOW than GO?

Or is he (arnold) the reason we are all interested in health and a better body image?

Answers on a postcard please

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  1. oh dear god I cannot stand Arnold!
    That explains why I dont understand the last question!

  2. You gotta remember that we (young guys) all were influenced by arnie, sly stallone and even jean claude van damme - even though i think they must have all been on steroids at some point. we wanted the superhero body to attract girls and kill the bad guys!

    those guys probably got me into lifting my first weights and its carved a career for me which i love - so i guess im a fan!

  3. He was simply an inspirational character with the capacity to train that put many around him to shame...one of a kind!!

  4. potentially yea he did, all of "them" the bodybuilding folk have. don't get me wrong, as anonymous said, he is one of a kind and the energy he put into training is truly inspirational. but so many people just want to be big and miss the benefits of being athletically capable. whatever floats your boat i suppose, but ironically i'm stronger than most the people in my gym on a bodybuilding program and I'm half the size. just with physics in mind, logic suggests that their training is making them less efficient at natural human movement. Isn't that the opposite of what training is supposed to do.


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