Sunday, 1 June 2014

Training and nutrition week 5

Monday 2 June

Weighed in at 79.2 (+0.2 for weekend) not too bad. Next weekend has to be different, pics the weekend after, no cheating! Decided not to get up early to run this week, will do in evening or weekends only. Wake up early enough as it is!

One meal today, keeping it simple. Eggs, chicken and hummus.

Post dinner plate....

Yes I have a plate that says "winner winner chicken dinner" LIKE A BOSS!

Tuesday 3 June

Weighed in at 78.6, possibly down to BC last night. This weekends tactic of double or triple sessions (sat/sun) should mean I'm feeling lean on Monday for the final run in. Bought Syntha 6 protein shake to continue the shakes during daytime and one meal strategy, want to see how far that takes me in terms of fat loss as I think its unique and my own idea.

Fasting has really dialled in the past 2 days, really feel comfortable going through morning on no eats. Will try a genuine 'warrior' day soon of no food until 6-10pm (protein and greens only). It'll take some getting used but I think it's going to be a powerful strategy to get under 10% and keep dropping fat.

Wednesday 4 June

Weighed in at 79.1. Feeling a little sore upper body, debating no training and focus on diet? First shake today at 1330, morning fast was comfortable. 2 black coffees and 2L water done. Large meal in evening of salad, apple, eggs, chicken and hummus - easy and nice.

Thursday 5 June

Weighed in at 79.2. Woke up feeling more awake, started with shakes today around 11am. Will try to repeat yesterday and check weight. 

Friday 6 June

Weighed in at 78.8 kg. Pretty steady this week, I think the injection of training is going to be perfect for a drop this weekend without changing much to the diet. I will switch off MRPs to syntha 6 for less carbs over the weekend and drink only after training.

Bodyfat estimated at 10-11% - I don't want to take bodyfat unless absolutely sure I've dropped significantly, so will wait until next week sometime.

Great salad idea. Salami and feta cheese, with tomatoes balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Delicious

Saturday 7 June

Weighed in at 78.8kg. Woke up later and walked up my apartment stairs, looking to do 60,000 steps on my polar loop for next 2 days for my NEPA. Plus strength session, few sprints and steady jog.
Ramping up training to 3/weekend days to get fat loss moving for the final week. Strict zero carb warrior style for both days - it's business time.

Walked to universal studios and tried to stay busy today, also run in the evening and ended up on steps 26100 steps. You really have to get a good early start to ramp the numbers up! Tomorrow should be good opportunity to get the fasted cardio in.

Went to gym at 4pm, 5x5 on chin ups, squats, Deadlifts and push press plus a finisher on the Bulgarian bag.

Made the greatest tasting salad I've ever had tonight...

Salmon sashimi, feta, avacado, cherry tomatoes, mixed leaves, olive oil and balsamic. Amazing! Followed by 5 whole eggs, avacado and hummus. Crazy Saturday nights in Singapore!

Day 1/2 weekend training plan down and completed. Repeat tomorrow and Monday I should be bang on target for the Saturday completion and progress picture.

Sunday 8 June

Weighed in today at 77.7kg, getting back down to March weight of 76kg but significantly leaner/stronger. First of 6x7am bootcamp at fort canning, should be interesting. Walked around marina bay to get my steps in, finished on 28,000. Weekend total 54,100! Feeling stiff today as result of pushing it yesterday. Went to true and did 30 minutes of bench and chin ups.

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