Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Velocity diet: week 3

Monday 19

Okay so my first statement here is I'm no longer on the V diet. So like most diets, that's a fail. However I am now combining shakes and low carb eating and making the whole process more enjoyable.

I wanted to share this because I think it's funny and deadly accurate!

Tuesday 20

81.5 on weigh in this morning. Holding weight quite well, I'm really only looking at myself visually now, the weight is more a secondary thing as extra information. It would be excellent to remain as heavy as I can while continuing to lean out. 

Training EDT style with daily ab work, goblet squats and loving the simplicity of the sessions. Consistent, steady work without massive fatigue each day and also adding short bursts of sprinting and also weekend exercise.

Tonight's "Atkins" meal:

Wagyu burgers, lean bacon, 2 fried eggs with Parmesan cheese, broccoli and asparagus. Oh and carb free ranch dressing! Amazing :)

Wednesday 21

Weighed in at 82.1 so really stabilising there but eating a lot more solid food. Happy to extend pictures to another week, feel good right now and want to continue this run not end it. The goal now has to be to get as lean as possible in the coming 4-6 weeks.

Using a new bodyfat caliper sequence called "parillo" which has more sites and tests the leg fat too, so I think it's far more accurate.

The results show that in the past 16 days I have lost (an estimated) 3.5kg bodyfat and lost around 2kg of muscle but I believe this is partly glycogen storage and not not pure 'muscle'. My new goal on next parillo caliper test is to stay above 71-72kg lean mass and duck under 10% bodyfat. To achieve this I need to extend the zero carb "Atkins" style diet for another 7-9 days - definitely through this weekend with no heavy treats/alcohol/late nights.

Thursday 22

Weighed in this morning at 80.8kg. Got a busy morning with PT so I'm going to fast with water and a black coffee. Will train fasted at midday and breakfast around 1330 with bacon and eggs.

Friday 23

Weighed at 80.3 (-8.1kg). Trained bench, got to 130kg again, failed on 137.5 - relaxing on the carb intake today but not much, back on the diet train again tomorrow. Need another 2% in 2 weeks to be happy with this past 6 weeks effort. Half way through day I decided to have a carb refeed - so i can refocus on low/zero carb weekend and weighing in lighter on Monday than today. Active weekend planned with lots of sun, fasting and recharging.

My daily dojo.

Saturday 24

Taking the day off training, weighed in at 80.3 again, did bootcamp coaching and chilled. Had 2 coffees and a solid lunch so not eating much more today and will return to a single meal, low carb Sunday into a 24hour fast - looking to creep under 80 on Monday and a Friday goal of 78.5/79 with solid strength and sprint work all week.

Sunday 25

Fasted today, not a particularly great diet day but fully committed for the next 14 days effort of fat loss, goal is to get under 10% which is close to around 78kg.

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