Saturday, 10 May 2014

Taming the velocity diet: experiments in rapid fat loss. Part 2

Monday, 12 may

Weighed in this morning at 82.1 (7 day loss = 6.3kg). Trouble sleeping last night, could be the thermobol? Felt warm and wide awake. Targeting 80kg by Friday. Battled mentally all morning and seriously would have taken any offer of food! Really hard to stick with this, it's starting to feel unfair and unnecessary. Had an afternoon nap and felt okay. Had a second wind and was in great spirits heading to my bootcamp session! I realise these small bursts of energy don't last.

I feel like each day needs to be broken down into a.m and p.m, the pm being easier. 2pm is my magic number for each day. Lifted 130kg bench press today and felt good, that's 1.7 bodyweight so would score 10+ on ufit scoreboards.

Think tomorrow will be easier. Have a later start planned for work as it's public holiday.

Tuesday, 13 may

Woke at 815am today, feel so much better with the extra time in bed! Feel leaner and obviously more awake. This could lead to a change of daily pattern in the future? It certainly feels more human to wake at 7/8am from the usual 5am assault! Weighed in today at 81.5kg (8 day loss = 6.9kg) - happy to stay above 80kg for the weekend leading into the refeed, which is now planned for Saturday afternoon.

In a blog I called 'taming' the velocity diet, it was I that has been tamed. Today I decided to switch some things just due to the sheer dullness of this challenge. I've found over the past few days I've simply been trying to sleep a long as I can - from a work and social perspective this is bordering on what depressed people do.

So my changes are:

- add one green faces meal per day (eggs and greens)
- take away one shake
- keep refeed meal on Sunday, but it's followed by a 24 hour fast.

I feel these small changes are positive both mentally (look forward to daily meal) and physically (25g less carbs per day) and will ensure I stay on this fat loss challenge throughout May.

Wednesday, 14 may

Woke up pretty tired, after good sleep but not long enough! May keep Thursdays free until 8am for extra sleep time.

Thursday, 15 may

Energy and enthusiasm have transformed with the inclusion of a green faces meal. Having a daily goal and treat of a meal is a lifesaver! Training is going well, one lift a day for 45 minutes is great.. Probably need to add sprints in now, I'm just being lazy and deciding against it every day. It's only 60s!

Drinking 3 shakes and saving the meal for evening which is still tough but really working well.

Friday, 16 may

Weighed in this morning at 81.9, which I'm happy with. The weight loss has stalled but I think I'm progressing and this process (fat loss) doesn't work in a linear fashion, must have the patience and discipline to get through another weekend on plan. That means going to a party and not drinking or eating - which will be tough. Gym session planned for Sunday morning followed by myoplex shake then refeed followed by 24hour fast. Then my ketogenic 3 day switch starts for potential pics on Friday.
Farmers walk training today inside the gym so not ideal, felt tired. Will need to include more cardio next week (sprint daily with swimming)

Saturday, 17 may

Training day off. Weighed in at 80.4kg (-8kg) for the 2 weeks. Fasted until midday shake, drank lots of water in morning. 

Felt great today, had my lunch of lamb chops and spinach, really feeling the benefits of fasting daily and eating far less on weekends! It makes a huge difference. My first 'slip' of a latte and cake today, simply felt like it and it was good. I told myself it was in the lunch but I'm super determined to keep with this effort. Next Friday I should be feeling and looking close to my best again, but that's the start, want to have a physique in the low single % (close which I've got near in past but never really got right). 

Late night tonight as it's the massive Spanish game on TV but gym still planned for tomorrow and I'm focused on smashing that and enjoying my single feed Sunday Before a strict 24 fast.

Sunday, 18 may

Legs and arms session planned (1030am) before refeed lunch (1230-1300) - the goal of Monday morning is to be lighter than Friday morning (81.9) this will mean 2 weeks of dropping weight on consecutive weekends. Next Fridays target for potential pics is realistically 78-79 being as muscular/dry as possible then returning to a stable training and diet regime.

Next weeks training will be:

Warm up (10 minutes including 20reps of goblet squat, 1 minute plank/push up)
Abs - 5 sets (10 minutes) bosu, leg raise, cable crunch, leg raise, side ups
Supersets - 8/10 reps (25-30 minutes)
Sprints/rowing - 5 intervals (10 minutes)

Standing db row, Bench press
Neutral grip chin ups, dips 
Ez tricep extension, Trapbar shrugs, lateral raises
Db incline press, Alternate bicep curl
Ez bicep curl, Seated shoulder press

Changing up things to hit more upper body muscles.

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