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Since i wrote last i have been keeping it busy... writing for fitnorama (Learning from the pro's -Part 2: Martin Rooney). I you dont know is an online fitness E-zine with articles from 'in-the-trenches' PTs and coaches on all contemporary gym stuff. My learning from the pros series (in my opinon) is a really great way to see how the top coaches train people, the cliff notes for their brains if you will. Check it out if you want an alternative fitness read direct to your Iphone.

My blog today is short-ish and sweet-ish. Its about 'experts'. When and how can people call themselves experts? I have a theory i will share later.

Real-life situations:

Newbie trainee is looking to put some mass on and wants someone to train with, he looks around and sees the biggest guy in the gym and asks his advice, he assumes that he is the 'muscle building' expert, right?

Client walks into the gym and wants to get in amazing shape, he seeks out the leanest, best looking trainer and assumes they are the 'fat-loss' expert, correct? (thats a tougher call)

What are you thoughts on that?

"You must complete 10,000 hours of anything to become an expert" Mike Boyle

Very rarely do i disgaree with the great man but that would mean we were all eating experts by now? And im pretty sure there are guys still performing crap gym sessions year-after-year which are far from 'expert'.

Anyway, my theory about being an expert is about 'transformation' and going against genetics, hear me out.

Take Vince DelMonte:

Self named "Skinny Vinny"

Now, IFBB pro physique competitor

Take Eric Cressey:

The worlds thinnest man (and picture!)

Result = Muscle Building expert

Turned into a World record holding powerlifter

Result = Strength training expert

There are many more examples im sure but these are 2 of my favourites because its 2 guys in the industry who have turned themselves into world class 'experts' of their respective fields by personally transforming.


The leanest guys in the gym may be born like that - (i see enough ripped dudes doing crappy workouts to suggest that this is real!), the biggest guy in the gym may be taking steroids (or may just be naturally big people). Therefore these guys/girls are not 'experts' they are just fortunate to naturally possess the gifts that you want.

Find out what people have done and how they got to where they are today - it will give you a much better opinion of whether they are an 'expert' at something or just lucky that they picked the right parents!

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