Friday, 2 December 2011

Exercise to music

Hey all,

Just a quickie this time around. Do you have steady state cardio work in your plan? Im not here to judge and say you shouldn't (truth is i have personally benefited from doing some LSD over the past month).

Long Steady Duration... what were you thinking? Tut Tut

While doing my rowing challenge i found it great to listen to music. Heavy metal was perfect for tough, short distances. Dance music was my steady work over 10 minutes. As my playlist had the same shuffle i was getting bored. So i decided to SHUFFLE my entire itunes.

Wow, what a great move that was. This allows you to perform different intensities based on the tempo or feeling of each tune. For example:

1-4 minutes (Phil Collins) - easy pace 2:15/500 getting into a rhythym.
5-8 minutes (Tenacious D) - Boom! im up to 85% and picked me speed up to 1:50/500
9-13 minutes (David guetta) - kept Rpm high (32 per minute) but light to match fast paced song
14-18 minutes (Coldplay) - slow pace with intervals of speed (chorus)

My Ipod was dictating my speed and mood with music! It felt good. Fartlek is not a new concept but i really loved this and it ate the time away really quickly... Great if you dont like steady cardio much!

Try it out. Just make sure you have varying music. Too much Metallica will kill you, Too much david Gray will leave you in 1st gear, Too much Michael Buble and i'd probably kick you off the rower for listening to Michael Buble!

Not a good pose, Not good rowing music

Try it out and see what you think, personally i loved it.

Nice and quick as promised :)

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