Sunday, 3 April 2011

Bonus Blog: 4 ways to F*ck yourself up in under 2 minutes!

Hi all,

A few blogs ago i wrote how you could f*ck yourself up in under 5 minutes, The extension of that blog became another short post and shows how you can do it in around 2 minutes.

If your still reading and want some further carnage to end your workouts then i have put 4 of the best 'finishers' we use at the end of sessions.

Disclaimer: These finishers will elevate your heart rate. If your heart actually stops at the end of 2 minutes, it's not my fault. Always know your heart rate or be confident in your fitness levels before attempting these challenges!

1. 400m sprint

Why? Dubbed "Hell on Earth" for one reason, this max effort sprint is too long to be comfortable. At 45 seconds, a normal human should build up to lactic threshold and start to burn. Expect to puke up if you push it too hard.

How? Find a running track (200m x 2 or 400m x 1), start your timer and run as fast as you can for that distance

Don't say it's easy if.... you cant do it in less than a minute. If your not seriously out of breath at the end then you did it wrong. Try again without half-assing it.

400m is an absolute bastard

2. Body Matrix

Why? Because it hurts so good and you love that. If you want to give your legs a lactic shower before hitting the showers do this little 2 minute leg-blaster.

How? 24 speed squats, 24 speed lunges, 24 jump lunges, 24 jump squats.

Don't say it's easy if.... you can't do 24 on each move and you do not have good technique on all them. Half-rep merchants need not apply!

Great tits, i mean... tekkers.

3. Texas push up Challenge

Why? To test your upper body strength and muscular endurance and to say you can do it to other gym members

How? 1 full push up, stand up... 2 full push ups, stand up... 3 full push ups, stand up... continue to 10 push ups.

Don't say it's easy if.... you can't complete it under 2 minutes and you cant do proper technique push ups.

No matter your age, there is a no excuse for shallow push ups.

4. DB thrusters & Jump/Burpee (1 minute each)

Why? Because we did this in our recent program (weeks 2 & 3) and everyone hated me for it. Expect to feel like your in the "hurt locker" after 90 seconds. Try another set if you really hate yourself or your clients.

How? Place 2 dumbbells on your shoulders, perform a deep squat and push press the dumbbells up when standing up (repeat for 1 minute). Find a space (preferably 20m long) and perform a standing long jump, then perform a burpee and repeat this for 1 minute. If you still have the will to live, repeat this for one more 2 minute set.

Don't say its easy if.... You cant deep squat or put up aleast 10kg DB's. Also if you can explosively jump and keep going for the 2 minutes!

Enjoy these, well... enjoy would be the last word to describe some of them. But put these on the end of your strength training and get a quick cardio blast that will maximise conditioning while minimizing muscle loss, a genuine win-win situation.

Try these out and share comments on the discussion wall below. As always share with FB friends and spread the word :)

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