Monday, 17 January 2011

Green Faces Diet: The final results and conclusion

I swear to you right now this is THE last blog i will write on GFD, apart from the fact its a really horrible, energy sapping bastard of a dieting strategy, i cant stand the name any more, its annoying me... big time.

In total, 15 people started the 7 day challenge earlier this month. The goal was simple, eliminate all the bad stuff from your diet over a 7 day period and see what happens, the results were as follows:

ED =   -1.6kg
NW=  -3.0kg
RSM= -2.0kg
PD =   -3.3kg
LD =   -3.0kg
DG =  -1.1kg
AG =  -2.0kg
ZAT= -2.5kg
ZM = -4.0kg
VA = -1.5kg
JH =  -2.2kg
MN = -2.5kg
MS = -3.5kg
SH = -3.3kg
NH = -2.0kg

It doesn't matter what you think about this short term strategy, it really works for a quick result... the question is whether people can keep it off or not? My next blog will cover this question in detail when i interview a dietician client of mine, so more on that soon.

What happened?

- Generally, the women struggled with it.

Im not trying to cause a stir here or be clever, im just reporting what i saw over the week. Could it be a bodyweight issue?Possible. Women are lighter and weaker than men so that could make sesne from a physical point of view.

My guess (after speaking with one of the women) is that women are more emotionally attached to food than men and find things they love to eat hard to give up. Remember, Its not a bad thing to love eating food, its just the quantities and the types that tend to de-rail most womens'/peoples' fat loss goals.

Salmon, Aspargaus and Roquette salad with poached egg... magical.

- Some people struggle more than others

This could be due to a number of different reasons. It is far to simplistic to say "im tough, i can do it" or "you're a pussy, you can't stick it out". There are definitely different body types that suit this diet better and its proved when you watch someone go through the same exact week as you but seems to be having a terrible time. I wont go into detail about protein and carb type athletes but its all to do with how each individual uses carbs/protein/fats as fuel (read 'The Anabolic Diet' for more information).

Is the GFD really worth the effort?

- Most workouts suffered

Everyone has reported a drop off in performance during the workouts, which is obviously (long term) not a great thing. In a recent blog by Alwyn Cosgrove, he mentioned that some people would come in and train empty stomach and feel terrible, when only half a banana prior to the workout would have allieviated that feeling and resulted in a normal training session. Does that seem worth it? Of course not. You should stick with whatever works best for you.

- Most people were really bored after 3 days

This diet is boring, end of. yes you can get 'creative' but at the end of the day, its the limitation which drives you nuts, even after a week. You can eat just as well (in my opinion) by adding in more colours like yellow, red, orange and go longer term with it, maybe having green days?

One of the more outrageous combinations on the GFD!... protein and fish oils!

Is the GFD really worth it?

If you asked me this last week i would say yes, definitely 100% it is worth it. But today, Im going to sit on the fitness fence here and say 'it all depends'.

If you are:

- Returning from a holiday where you know you have put on a few Lbs
- Been really slack in your diet and feel pretty shabby about yourself
- Have some digestive issues and dont know what is causing it

Then it IS definitely worth one week, to go GFD.

If you are:

- Already eating 90% healthy foods
- Doing 5 hours or more physical activity a week
- Happy with your current fitness and bodyfat levels

Then it IS NOT worth the hassle. Stick with your normal programme - you really don't need it.

For the last time ladies, NO... i wont go out with you both (sorry, Don't try the GFD)

Different ways to incorporate the GFD without going nuts

- Last meal GFD

The last meal you eat each day is strictly a GFD combination, It'll work too.

- 3 day 'pre-event' GFD

(Thanks to louise for this) Imagine...Its Tuesday, you cant fit into your new dress and there is a big night on Friday (yes i have dresses too - its not that weird). Get on the GFD for 3 days to shrink your man-sized ass into that gown and your golden. You could even tell a tall tale about your new 6 week long fitness regime and make some interesting conversation while your there?

An aside: For some reason people love to talk health and fitness at parties? why is that? when someone is telling/boring me of how they used to be this and how they once were that, all im thinking is "what the hell would these people talk about if i wasn't here?". Probably the weather. I went to a party last year and pretended i wasn't a trainer and that i had moved to accounting to test out this theory - within 10 minutes my cover was blown and i was explaining why lager and cigars were not ideal when starting a fitness regime. anyway....

- Rainbow Faces Diet (RFD)  - (TM. funny if you have seen 'the love guru')

Thats right, just eat a diet that allows all the colours (except white - milk, sugar, flour, rice) and thats a pretty healthy option right there. Add in some green days every so often and limit fruit to the first half of the day for best results.


I honestly have tears running down my face writing this last section because i will never blog about this f*cking topic again and im SOOOOOOOOOO Happy about  that!

If you want a quick fix and lose around 3kg (average) in 7 days then its definitely worth it. It may hurt you it may bore you but to be honest fat people bore me! hahaha, there i said it. Im honestly bored of people complain about their weight when they do nothing about it, this is your chance. Challenge yourself to 7 days of super clean eating and see what happens. whatever the result, i garauntee you will learn something about yourself and the way you think of food.

Ok im to celebrate my GFD divorce!

Hey, its f*cking green ok!!! its allowed

As always, spread the word and share with FB friends if you like this. Its been getting more hits lately so thanks to everyone who reads, much appreciated.

Great blog coming up next...where i try to pick a verbal fight with an irish female dietician, i must be crazy! :)


  1. Nice one Mr. Williams. I agree with all. I did okay and not as bad as the "women" you wrote about however would use it as short term strategy in the future....3-5 days max...I really don't have food comfort issues for the most part so that my healthy food best!! Thanks for the great read as always. N

  2. I'm a 34-year old woman, wife and mother, starting the "Green Faces Diet" for the first time after seeing a friend and her mother have great success with it. There isn't a whole lot of information on it, other than what I've read here and as a newbie, I wanted to know what I was in for, get some recipe ideas and just get some encouragement. I couldn't find anything directly related to the GFD, so I started a blog to document my 21-day journey as I'm learning and tweaking it (not changing the foods, though.)

    I hope that someone will find it helpful!

    -Kristin in Austin, TX


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